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Flora & Fauna Magnet Set

$15.00 CAD

Shipping $5.00 Domestic $10.00 International

Set of 3 Magnets. These magnets feature 3 original photographic images from my 2016/2017 winter trip to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This trip helped me through many challenges and was a personal journey of acceptance, letting go, and manifesting change. Throughout my trip I re-connected to the wild nature landscapes and seascapes around me every day, allowing the healing pull of the tides, the sun and the rainforest to bring me into alignment with what needed to be. I'm selling the magnets as a fundraiser for my Thai Yoga Massage practitioner certification that I'm currently taking. All profits from the sale of magnets will go towards my tuition!

Magnet Map

At the top: Radiant pinks and electric oranges are seen in a Playa Santa Teresa sunset.

Bottom right: The moody blue ocean pulls away at low tide, on Playa Samara.

Bottom left: A dusty teal Bismark fan palm grows in Montezuma.

Product information: Magnets are 2.5 x 2.5 inches. 

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