Love Letters

“Omg becca I'm losing it these are so amazing!!!!!!

I think you have a really beautiful energy that makes other people feel at ease and safe and that’s why you are such a good photographer. I wanted to be your friend about two minutes after I met you because I could tell you were genuinely interested in us as a couple and as individuals, and made the effort to get to know us. When you took our wedding photos you were able to highlight the best in us during our shoots. You were very sensitive to our own hang ups and weird feelings towards having our picture taken.”

- Jessica, wedding photography client

"I wasn't sure what I wanted from my Burlesque Boudoir photoshoot at first, but Becca was patient and supportive, and helped me to refine my aesthetic so that she could plan the shoot accordingly. She scouted a super unique and memorable location, and was flexible with costume changes, and just basically gave me the most fun shoot I could have possibly hoped for. I had some hang-ups about working the cost into my budget, but Becca received my concerns with grace and professionalism, and honestly it's the best money I've spent in a long while. The pictures are outstanding: I have promo shots for months (at least), and my confidence shot through the roof once I saw the magic she had worked. I enthusiastically recommend a shoot with Becca to anyone looking for a personal brand update or simply a self-love boost."

- Leah, burlesque boudoir photography client


- Nicoletta, boudoir photography client

“There's so many great ones, it's hard to pick a favourite :) We're so happy with how the photos turned out! You were extremely patient and calm. You were organized and made sure we got not only the coverage we wanted, but above and beyond that. It was nice to not have to worry about it on the day of, and just get to enjoy everything afterwards (and see the moments that we missed)”

- Jackie, wedding photography client

"OH MY GOD BECCA. I am literally screaming at my screen right now!!!! WOW. I am speechless! You are SO MAGICAL! Thank you so much for this incredible shoot and for helping bring my vision to life! I LOVE THEM ALL!"

- Amira, personal branding photography client

"Hi Becca!!!! Thank you so much for doing our photoshoot! The pics look amazing!!!!! I am so happy with them!!! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!  The loudest, happiest scream!  These are amazing!!!
Becca, thank you!"

- Charlene + Sheri-Anne, personal branding photography clients

"I have just been looking over all the beautiful pictures you sent -- thank you so much!! They are so much better than I imagined, you've done such an amazing job. Thanks again for this great shoot and these lovely photos."

- Nicole, headshot photography client


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